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Refractory Lining Wares

Carbon blocks are used as building refractory material for blast furnaces and electric furnaces, electrolyzers, etc. Carbon blocks can be the favorable substitute for refractory materials, as they may last even at higher temperatures (more than 2000˚С) and within aggressive environment. On the contrary to the other refractory materials which mechanical properties get worse while the temperature is rising, those of carbon blocks get better. Carbon-graphite blocks cannot function in an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures above 400 ° C.

LLC "Graphite Formula" manufactures refractory lining wares in the shapes of blocks, sectors and plates.

Refractory Lining Wares made from graphite (grades GE, GMZ) serve as a heat resistant and chemical protection for:

- Metallurgical furnaces

- Buckets

- Cast iron and slag gutters

- Passivation baths

- Bunkers






Refractory Lining acid resistant plate ATM-1, TU  1916-002-53829767-2008

The main function is to protect steel aggregates from aggressive environments in the temperature range from minus 18 to plus 115 ° C.


                                   Physico-mechanical characteristics of plates:











   Suitable operating conditions for guaranteed chemical resistance of graphite plates АТМ-1
















A remark- for any other aggressive environment chemical resistance and operating conditions are determined by customers by testing samples.

Plate’s weight: ~ 0,44kg.

Plate's sizes: 125х195mm, thickness 10mm



  Density, g/cm3, not less than


  Gas tight with a pressure of 0.2 mPa

hermetically sealed

  Flexural strength, mPa not less than


  Specific toughness, kJ/m2 not less than


  Matheson Heat Resistance, °С


  Aggressive environments


Temperature, ° C

  Sulphuric acid

Up to 60

Up to 115

  Hydrochloric acid


Up to boiling

  Phosphoric acid

Up to 80

Up to boiling

  Hydrofluoric acid

Up to 48

Up to boiling

  Maleic acid

Up to 45

Up to 90

  Oxalic acid


Up to boiling

  Iron sulfate


Up to boiling


Up to 100

Up to boiling


Up to 100

Up to boiling

The product will be produced in 5-20 days.

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+7  904  940 64 08

+7 (351) 220 47 20

+7 (351) 790 82 46