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                                           -  is a manufacturing-commercial enterprise equipped with more than 90 up-to-date machines. Our latest construction programmes for the computation of wares provide effective solutions of any level of complexity.

   The team of highly skilled workers, knowledgeable engineers and designers are vastly experienced in the area of graphite production (i.e. the production of synthetic graphite and products from it regardless of their complication). Furthermore, over 60% of the staff who take part in manufacturing are university educated. Our company employs people of different ages (5% of workers are of retirement age, 30% of workers are over 50 years old, 30% of workers are over 40 years old, 30% of workers are from 30 to 40 years old and 5% of workers are under 30 years old).

Our forward-looking and vigorous managers respect each customer and have a flexible approach to their requirements.

We cooperate with more than 100 enterprises of various fields of activity.

The following companies are on the list of our existing customers:

   The metallurgical industry:
ChMK (Mechel) JSC, ChEMK JSC, MMK JSC, NIIM JSC – Metallurgical Research Institute, “Severstal” JSC,” Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant”, OJSC “Ural Steel”, Metallurgical Plant in the name of A.K. Serov , OJSC " Uralelectromed ", OJSC " Seversk Tube Plant ", OJSC «Kamensk-Uralsky processing non-ferrous metals plant”, LLC" Dimitrovgrad Metallurgical Plant ", LLC" Zauralsky Foundry Forge Plant"..,

   The mechanic engineering: 
OJSC "Polema", FSUE "Cheboksary Industrial Association in the name of  V.I. Chapaev", OJSC" Electrosteel Machinery Plant ", OJSC The "INVERTOR" Plant, CJSC "PETROLEUM SYSTEMS", FKP "Chapaevsk Mechanical Plant", CJSC "Zubtsov Machinery Plant", OJSC "Tyazhmash", OJSC "Tulotachmash", State Unitary Enterprise “LISMA” of The Republic of Mordovia, OJSC “Perm Engine Plant”, LLC “Ural Machinery Company”, LLC Trading House “Srednevolzhsky Machinery Plant”, LLC “Belebey Machinery Plant”, LLC Scientific and Production Association “Dimitrovgrad Tools-producing Plant “, LLC Chelyabinsk thermal insulation plant “Bizol”, CJSC «Mashstalprom», LLC «Locotech-foundries”, LLC “Nsplav “, JSK “Kurganmashzavod», LLC Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant «Uraltrak “..,

   The chemical industry:

   CJSC “Oktyabrskkhimmash”, OJSC “STEKLONiT”, OJSC Special Technology and Design Bureau “Crystal”, OJSC“ Ural Chemical Research Institute with Pilot Plant”, OJSC “Federal Research and Production Center of Applied Chemistry”, CJSC “Ufa Chemical Company”, JSC “Tateh”, JSC “Novotroitsk Plant of Chrome Compounds”,LLC industrial association HSK, LLC “Khimteckhnologia”,  JSK “Sayanskkhimplast” ..,

   The construction industry:
Territorial Firm “Mostostroyad-87”, OJSC “Mostostroy-11”, CJSC “ChelZhBI-1”, LLC “Construction company URAL-STROITEL”, LLC “Dzerzhinsk KNAUF GIP”, OJSC “Permtranszhelezobetonsnab”, LLC “Siberian Cement”, LLC “GoldenGroupGips”, JSC “Zelenodolsk Plywood Plant”, LLC “Atakaycement”, LLC “ESAB”, LLC “Terneyles”, LLC “Kerama Marazzi”, LLC “Construction-Ural”, PJSC “Gornozavodskcement”..,

CJSC “Across-Engineering”, LLC “OK-press”, LLC “Publisihing Center “Dar””, LLC “Sibpolygraphservice-TM”, OJSC “Gosznak”, OJSC “Engineering Research Center”, JSC “Tatmedia”, LLC “Eurotechnics”, OJSK “Print Yard” in Veliky Novgorod ..,

The jewelry industry: OJSC “Gold of The Northern Urals”, LLC “Siberia”, JSC Producers’ Cooperative “Zeya”, LLC “Kostroma Jewelry Factory “Topaz””, LLC “Yekaterinburg YuvelirProm”, LLC “Jewelry Industry'' ..,

Extractive industry:









According to the National Business Ranking of the Russian Federation LLC “Graphite Formula” has been selected as one of the top 30 enterprises in the category of “Small-scale enterprises”, thereby our company was awarded the official federal certificates and honorary gold plated medals “The Leader of Russia 2013” and “The Leader of Russia 2014”. The personnel of the company were awarded the individual medals “Star of fame. Russian economy” and personalized medals “For Merits and Achievements” as well as official federal certificate “The Specialist of The Year 2013”.



Synthetic graphite

Natural graphite

Refractory Lining Wares

Mold for casting

Blades and plates

Сarburizing Agent

Graphite heaters, shields

Bearings, sleeves and rings

Crucibles and pipes

Molds for Bathroom Welding

Stocks, stoppers, substrates

Electrodes, rods, plates

Thread cutting combs

Graphite Electrode Scrab starting from Ø300mm and higher, the length of which is more than 500mm

All grades of natural graphite:

 (GL, GT, GS, GE and the others)






























Dear website visitor,

We created the glossary of professional terms, in order for you to truly understand the specifics of our field of activity. We hope it will help you a lot in gaining knowledge about the field of graphite production.

Dear website visitor,

We created the glossary of professional terms, in order for you to truly understand the specifics of our field of activity. We hope it will help you a lot in gaining knowledge about the field of graphite production.

                              Office:                                                                    454084, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Victory Avenue, 162A - 23

                              Manufacturer's address:                                       454008, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsky tract, 5p

                              Telephone and fax:                                               +7  904  940 64 08, +7 351 220-47-20, +7 351 790-82-46



                              In order to call from abroad you should make sure the number you dialed is correct

                              in accordance with the Classifier of Dialing Codes of your country.

Photo of the entrance to the production at the address Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsky tract, 5p:

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+7  904  940 64 08

+7 (351) 220 47 20

+7 (351) 790 82 46

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