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Blades and plates

Graphite blades and plates are used in vacuum pumps and rotary vane compressors, usually without the use of a lubricant (dry type). Our company produces blades and plates from high-quality graphite of the ISEM-3 (Japan), EK-60 (Germany) grades, carbonite, textolite, F4K20 graphito-fluoroplastic and other materials. For liquid and oil environments the appropriate materials will be selected, if needed.


- Installations in proprietary systems of equipment manufacturers

- printing

- pneumatic installations,

- laboratory and dental equipment,

- instrumentation,

-devices for adaptive machine control,

- packaging equipment,

- automatic systems,

- milking machines




Blades and plates are designed for compressors and vacuum pumps of different brands: Dominant, Rietschle, Romaior, Becker, Ryobi, Heidelberg, Busch, Rapida, Planeta, Zircon, Adast ORION, PPA 60, PAV 60, etc.


Blades and plates are made according to individual drawings or sketches, depending on the brand of the manufacturer and the type of vacuum pump or compressor.


LLC “Graphite formula” manufactures and sells blades and plates for the following purposes:

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The product will be produced in 5-10 days.

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+7  904  940 64 08

+7 (351) 220 47 20

+7 (351) 790 82 46